What Is The Cause of Uremia

2017-10-13 11:36

What Is The Cause of Uremia
Recently, we accepted a uremia patient who was just in his 30. And when talk to him, we known that why he suffered from uremia.

He was an engineering that worked very hard for a bright future. He used to work to midnight, and even experience some diseases, like cold, headache, and stomach he never using medicines, just let them self-recover. Four years passing, when he get promoting, he also get a diagnose report of uremia. First, he was puzzled that why he suffered from uremia, an end stage renal disease, why he feel nothing in early stage, such as kidney failure stage. Till now, he still thorught that he should feel something in early time, instead of being diagnosed with end stage renal disease suddenly.

Then, we told him that the early complications of kidney disease is very like to other common diseases, headache, stomach, anemia, frequent urine, skin itching. And, we asked have you have suffered from these diseases, he said yes. So, the clear message is not he feel nothing in early stage, quite the contrary, he feels something, but mistreat it as common diseases and never go to hospital for a further diagnosis.

Recently, China’s economy develops fast, and leads the society step into a fast tempo one. Developing economy lifted many out of poverty, living in a better life, but, also increases the possibility of getting chronic kidney disease and hypertension.

As a modern society civilization, we have to keep a healthy lifestyle, keep a good mood, regularly doing exercise and go to hospital instead of self-prescription when suffer from diseases. Only in this way, can we living in a long and healthy life.

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