Urine self test, some normal sign may be fatal

2017-09-21 17:40

Urine self test, some normal sign may be fatal

Have you suffer from this: you have to go to toilet before sleep even you had just went; back to it after 2 minutes, and fell there are much urine, but then, it shows a little. You may feel embarrassing. But, the root cause may be you ignore to care about your urine.

Check your pee after finish it is a little physical examination. Some abnormal sign can indicate a bad disease.

What is the meaning of urine color?

Except light yellow, other color often means disease. When it turns into dark, red, pink, you have to go to hospital and find the causes and make further diagnose to avoid proression of kidney disease.

What’s the normal frequency of urination?

Normally, if you do not drink too much water, such as over 3 liter a day, the urination frequency should be 4-6 times for male and 3-5 times for female. And at night, it should be 0-2. If you drink water or beer before sleep, and more than 2 can be regarded as normal.

Why urine is so smelly?

One side, it can be caused by food. The food you take can affect the smell in your urine. And if you drink much water, it may hardly affect it. There is something that you should pay attention to: if your urine smells like fruits, we suggest you to have a blood sugar test and if possible, diagnose weather you have diabetes or not.

After all, prevention remains the best cure of all,

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