How to Start A Correct Diet in Chronic Kidney Disease

2017-09-22 16:17

How to start a correct diet in chronic kidney disease

Most CKD patients know something about correct diet, such as low salt and protein. But more specific information, they have no idea and have to ask doctor. Meanwhile, there are some people do not know what to eat and what shouldn’t, and lose control sometimes.

Actually, the key point is to control salt ingestion, if your condition is slight, no more than 5g per day is good, is you are in failure stage, control diet and pay attention to other type of salt. Too chilly food will cause inflammation and then, produce immune complex, then, exacerbate kidney condition. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes and hypertension which will accelerate kidney disease to failure stage and dialysis.

Some patients want to keep a low protein diet, then, they refuse to intake meat. Actually, it is not good for you. Necessary meat ingestion will supply you iron, protein and energy. They can produce nutrients you need and improve kidney condition and avoid further damage. Yes, too much meat will exacerbate protein urine, but necessary protein ingestion is good. We can take white meat, chicken, fish for example, and less red meat.

Besides, we should intake at least 500g vegetables and fruits each day. It will help you with vitamin and minimal elements, only in this way, can we keep a good physical condition and maximize the treatment effect.

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