What Kind of Diet Is Good For Kidney Disease Patient

2017-10-13 11:35

What kind of diet is good for kidney disease patientKidney patients want to get rid of their diseases. People who do not suffer from nephropathy want to avoid it. What kind of diet is good for kidney disease patients, and what is bad.

As a Chinese saying goes that disease comes from mouth. It means many diseases are caused by diet, wrong food. You may feel it is amazing or, you may feel ridiculous. But, it is true. Such as high blood pressure, cancer, kidney disease, they are all closely related to wrong diet.

There are some suggestions for kidney disease patients:

Do not use medicine without direction. Every month, there are dozens of patients go to hospital due to drug abuse. Using medicine for cold randomly, using anti-biotic medicines, using inflammation medicines, and Chinese herbal medicine.

Some people like animal organs. It is a widely wrong idea that strengthen what you eat. Especially in summer, you enjoy beers with pork organs, and you feel cool. But, this will lead to serious damages. But, long term of this kind of diet will lead lesion to your kidneys.

Choose vegetables and fruits instead of full meat diet. Full meat diet will supply you too much protein and lead kidney damage. If you want to eat meat, we suggest fish than duck and chicken, than beef and pork.

High blood pressure and diabetes are increased due to the high protein diet. Yes, high salt and sugar intake is major causes, but too much and long term protein diet can exacerbate this and lead to kidney damage.

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