Can I eat meat, sea food, and spicy food

2017-10-08 12:03

Can I eat meat, sea food, and spicy food

We all know that kidney disease patients have to keep a healthy diet, three low and one high, which means low salt, low sugar, low fat and high quality protein, however, there are two things we have to pay attention to also, low phosphorus and low potassium. Then, what should we eat, what is available for us?

Actually, during clinical research, common foods cause no damage to kidneys, if you do not eat it too much, such as everyday eat one thing only, besides chilly. Capsaicine can lead BAFF gene express and lead protein stimulate the producing of IgAI, and depress C1GALT1 and Cosmc to affect the progression of glycosylation of IgA I.

In a world, capsaicine is not good to IgA nephropathy patients.

In clinical, we often heard that patients say they feel it is beef or onion lead their disease relapse. However, in further treatment and diagnosis, we also find that they overwork, suffer from cold, bad mood or even drink wine and do not intake medicine as prescribed.

Actually, if you suffer from kidney disease, do not ask around that weather you can eat this or that. If you have read a lot of this kind article, you can find that almost everything is available for you. Unless:

Food that can lead you allergy;

Sea food for obesity people, patients with high urine acid and gout;

Polluted products;

Forbidden food for particular medicine.

Hope you a healthy life and recover soon.

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