What Kinds Of Protein Can Kidney Patients Take

2017-11-30 16:12

What Kinds Of Protein Can Kidney Patients TakeHow to eat healthily is the most concerned question by kidney patients. We doctors often tell patients to follow a low but high quality protein diet. Well then, what kinds of protein is good for renal patients?

What protein is high quality protein?

Generally speaking, high quality protein has two features:

One is the amino acid in high quality protein is close to human amino acid.

The other is that high quality protein is easy to be digested, absorbed and utilized.

The source of high quality protein is mainly from animal protein, including

1. Fish

Every gram of fish contains 15-20% protein and also fat in fish is low. It is the first choice for kidney patients.

In order to avoid burden on kidneys, fish should be freshwater fish such as carp, crucian, white eel, whitebait and blunt-snout bream, etc. Renal patients with high uric acid level should eat less or avoid abyssal fish.

2. Meat

Pork, beef, mutton and chicken, etc are high in protein. You can take lean meat from these meat.

3. Milk

Milk can not only supplement your nutrients but also supply you calcium. Milk especially skim milk are good choice for renal patients.

4. Eggs

Kidney patients can eat one egg per day to absorb protein. Yolk contains high cholesterol. As for patients with high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia are not suggested to take eggs.

How much is good to take protein?

Early stage of kidney disease

Protein intake should be 1g/kg for nephritis and Nephrotic Syndrome patients with proteinuria and swelling.

Middle stage of kidney disease

In kidney dysfunction and kidney failure stage, there is an obvious decline of kidney function, kidney’s excretory function is also affected. In order to reduce kidney burden, protein intake should be reduced. Protein intake per day should be 0.5g/kg.

Uremia stage

Patients in this stage need to take Toxin-Removing Treatment and dialysis treatment. Also various complications like anemia also occur. There is no strict limitation of protein intake.

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