How to prevent chronic kidney diseases

2017-10-06 18:24

How to prevent chronic kidney diseases

There are one in ten have kidney disease around the world, which means 600million totally. How to prevent chronic kidney disease is a work of emergency.

Every year, thousand of hundred patients are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, in early stage or later. Confront with this sort of enemy, patients do not know what should do. There is no cure, what’s the meaning of the treatment, it only wastes my time and money. If it can not be cured, have I lived with it throughout my life? If chronic kidney disease is caused by incorrect diet, bad living habit, when I changed them, will kidney get better? These are questions asked by patients who suffer from kidney disease for a long term, for a while, or just get diagnosed. And then, these people all turn to scientific breakthroughs and also grasp the chance of folk prescriptions. People understandably focus on the potential for scientific breakthroughs that will deliver a cure. But, folk prescriptions will not, and even worse, some people who are eager to be rich will make use of patients and sell them ineffective medicine or even wrong medicine.

To prevent kidney disease, we have to know what treatment is effective and what is not. To prevent kidney disease, we have to control diet and keep regular exercise. To prevent kidney disease, we have to believe that prevention remains the best cure of all.

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