If You Have These 5 Characteristics, It Indicates Your Kidney Disease Is Getting Well

2018-04-27 16:30

In these days, patients often ask me some questions difficult to answer:

-A patient said his urine protein was 0.3g. He has taken several kinds of medicine to reduce protein, but the effect is not satisfying. He wanted to know what else he can eat to reduce proteinuria.

-A diabetic Nephropathy said that her blood sugar level is high, blood pressure is 155/95, and creatinine 103 (normal range is 97). She wanted to know how to lower creatinine level.

Some renal patients indeed have the above illness condition, but they do not know which index is important, and which index is not. If you take treatment for those stable indexes while ignoring other indexes, you may get more kicks than halfpence.

Today I will introduce some key indicators of kidney disease so that you can judge whether you are getting into remission or not.

1. Steady blood pressure

Blood pressure is one of the factors that affect the progression of kidney disease. It is also the most important factor that affects the final outcome of renal disease. If your blood pressure is not high at the time of onset, the treatment process will be much smoother than those who have high blood pressure at onset. If your blood pressure is under 140/90, it won’t damage the capillaries of your kidneys and it has little effect on the progression of kidney disease.
If You Have These 5 Characteristics, It Indicates Your Kidney Disease Is Getting Well

2. Continuous remission of urinary protein

Massive proteinuria is a major feature of Nephrotic Syndrome and it is also a common manifestation of nephritis syndrome. If your 24h urine protein is within 0.5g, it has reached the clinical cure. After 18 months of clinical cure, the probability of recurrence will be greatly reduced. After 2-5 years, it indicates that it has been cured.

3. Anemia is corrected.

Renal anemia is a common phenomenon in patients with kidney failure due to insufficiency of EPO. If your hemoglobin level is above 110g/L (100 in elderly patients), it can effectively improve renal ischemia and anoxia.

4. Low levels of blood sugar

More and more people get Diabetic Nephropathy. Among dialysis patients, it is a large proportion. High blood glucose can damage the capillaries, but it is stressed to normalize blood sugar level. If your fasting blood glucose can be controlled below 7mmol/L, it is also a bonus point for the kidney disease treatment process.
If You Have These 5 Characteristics, It Indicates Your Kidney Disease Is Getting Well

5. Blood creatinine level within the compensatory period

Creatinine level reflects your renal function. If your creatinine level is below 177 umol/L, doctors will have more ways to protect your kidneys.

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