These Cold Medications Are Bad for Kidneys

2018-05-06 16:46

These cold medications are bad for kidneys. If you do not want to speed up kidney failure, do not ignore these 3 points in medication.

Common cold is not a severe disease. For normal people, after drinking more water, having enough rest and eating a few cold medications, they can get well. But for kidney patients, it may be a disaster.
These Cold Medications Are Bad for Kidneys

Kidney patients usually have a low immunity. After getting a cold, toxins in body will increase further so as to elevate the risk of deterioration. What is worse, the damaged kidneys can not eliminate toxins from body adequately, while most toxins in the drugs are to passed out of body via kidneys. Because of the renal toxicity of some cold medications, we can not take them blindly.

When choosing cold medicine, you may be at sea. Then how to avoid the damage of cold medications to kidneys? There are 3 principles that you must know.
These Cold Medications Are Bad for Kidneys

1. To avoid drug abuse

Some people may think cold is not a big deal, so they do not go to see a doctor, but to take a few over-the-counter drugs. If you have kidney disease, you had better choose medicine carefully, especially those with antipyretic analgesic content, because they have renal toxicity, such as ibuprofen, indomethacin, paracetamol, etc.

If you take medications without knowing the ingredients of medicine, it is likely for you to worsen your kidney damage. Therefore, you had better communicate with your doctor as soon as you catch a cold so as to keep away those cold medicines with renal toxicity.
These Cold Medications Are Bad for Kidneys

2. To avoid blindly use

Frequent colds can worsen your disease. That is why renal patients are very afraid of the cold. Sometimes to prevent the disease getting worse, a number of patients take cold medicines blindly. Blind application of medicine not only does harm to your kidneys, but also worsens your colds so as to cause further kidney damage.

For patients with cold accompanied with fever, it is not suggested to take medicine if the temperature does not reach 38. Physical annealing can be taken.
These Cold Medications Are Bad for Kidneys

3. To avoid slathering

Some patients want to get well soon after getting a cold so as to prevent further kidney damage, so they take a lot of medicine without the instruction of doctors. Some patients may think one medicine takes effect slowly, so they eat a variety of cold medicine. The mix of a variety of cold medicine is also a cause of kidney failure. In recent years, there have been many cases of kidney failure due to the abuse of cold medicine. For renal patients, this will add insult to injury.

If you catch a cold, what kind of cold medicine can avoid kidney damage to the maximum?

There are two kinds of cold medicines:

-Western medicine: it mainly has the function of relieving symptoms such as headache, stuffy nose and sore throat as well as calming you down, such as antipyretic analgesic. Acetaminophen and diclofenac are the most commonly used medicine.

-Chinese patent medicine: Ganmaoqingre Granules, Fenghanganmao Granules, Ganmao soft capsules and Zhengchaihuyin Granules are mainly to treat typhoid. And Xiaochaihu Granules, Yinqiaojiedu Honeyed Pill, and Shuanghuanglian oral liquid are to treat colds with febrile symptoms.
These Cold Medications Are Bad for Kidneys

It has been clarified that most cold medicines of western medicine have nephrotoxicity, so it is recommended to choose Chinese medicine after catching a cold, but the dosage and category should be strictly controlled under the instruction of doctors. Do not take them without authorization.

In addition, colds indicate that there is an infection in the body, which requires further checkups of the infection to see whether you need antibiotics or not. Do not abuse antibiotics.

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