Several things can lead to chronic kidney failure, watch out

2017-09-17 15:58

Several things can lead to chronic kidney failure, watch out

No. 1: sleep after 24 o’clock.

A long term lack of sleep will lead to a weak immune and serious of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and etc. this will also lead to cells mutation and increase the risk of cancer. Besides, it will lead gastrointestinal tract lack of rest. If things continue this way, it has no difference between suicides.

No.2: ignore breakfast.

Do not eat breakfast will affect gastric acid secretion, bile excretion and result in gastritis and other digestion system disorder. According to the study of University of Erlangen, lifetime of people who don’t take breakfast will shrink 2.5 years averagely.

No.3: Alcoholic abuse.

Alcoholic damages liver chronically. From alcoholic fatty liver to alcoholic hepatitis, then develop into alcoholic liver cirrhosis till the last one liver cancer, it only need four steps. One more drink leads you closer to liver cancer; one more drink leads you closer to the end of life.

No.4: Smoking.

Tobacco contains hundreds of chemical elements, and there are more than 60 kinds of them are related to cancer. Heavy smoker has 17 times to have cancer than people who don’t. And according to American Cancer society, in 2011, there are 346 thousand of people over 35 years old died in 12 kinds of cancer, among that, 48.5% individuals are due to smoking.

No.5: sitting without moving.

Sitting without exercising will decrease the blood circulation and lead to heard disease and will lead to other diseases.

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