Does Protein In Urine Negative Mean A Cure Of It

2017-10-14 11:53

Does Protein In Urine Negative Mean A Cure Of It

We often use physical examination to diagnose and refer our physical condition. It is widely used in hospital, health care center. But, can we ensure that protein in urine negative after treatment means a cure of it?

Recently, I have heard a story that a patient diagnosed with nephritic syndrome, after a month’s treatment, his protein in urine and blood in urine turn negative in physical examination, and edema disappear as well. Then, he wants to leave hospital and go home. After discussion, doctors approve him and tell him to keep taking medicine and do regular physical examination in local hospital. He is very happy for the treatment when left hospital. Doctor tells him that his condition is not cured, just controlled by medicine, and further medicine and diet control is needed.

But, a month later, his protein in urine relapse to +, and edema start to occur. Seeing that, he calls doctor in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital where he takes treatment from for explanation. Doctors ask him something that weather he keeps a regular diet and the dosage he use, doctors find the reason, he thinks his kidney disease is cured, there is no need to intake medicine, as he often do in cure cold, and lose control of diet. He still do not know why relapse when report shows a cure.

Why this happens? Do you know that? It is not a cure, it’s only a clinical cure, which means symptoms turn negative and dosage can be reduced according to patient’s condition. But, he stops medicine, without doctor’s direction, so, kidney disease relapse.

We can know that, we can use physical examination to diagnose diseases, but we do not only rely on physical examination report to make diagnosis. So, we can also rely on negative index in physical examination to affirm our cure.

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