Home Remedies to Relieve Back Pain from Renal Parenchymal Disease

2018-01-30 23:47

Home Remedies to Relieve Back Pain from Renal Parenchymal DiseaseBack pain is a very common symptom of renal parenchymal disease. Here I recommend you some home remedies to help you relieve back pain from renal parenchymal disease.

It is considered in TCM that back pain is caused by stagnant movement of Qi and blood. Therefore, we are to help you relieve back pain from improving qi and blood circulation.

-Hot compress therapy

It is to put two herbal bags on shenshu acupoints. With the help of heating power, active ingredients of medicine can go into kidneys and take effect. After treatment, you can get an immediate relief from back pain. Besides, it can help you inhibit renal inflammation, block blood clotting, dilate blood vessels and degrade extracellular matrix so as to help you protect your kidneys from being damaged.

-Acupuncture and Moxibustion

They are both traditional Chinese medicine, which can also help improve qi and blood circulation to relieve back pain. Moreover, they can help strengthen your immunity to fight against the disease.

Back pain is just one symptom of renal parenchymal disease. If you want to treat it well, you should treat the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. Here Toxin-Removing Treatment is recommended. It is also known as Detoxification Therapy. It can help remove excess substances from the blood by dissolving toxins, dispelling toxins and discharging toxins to make internal environment good for kidney self-healing and other medication application. It can also dilate blood vessels and remove stasis to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into kidneys so as to improve renal ischemia and anoxia. Moreover, it can use targeted treatment for the removal of renal inflammation and prevent further kidney damage. With the improvement of renal function, your back pain and other associated symptoms will get alleviated.

Hope the above home remedies can help you relieve back pain from renal parenchymal disease. For more information on its treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor. Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital is always here ready to help you.

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