Four Sign of Urine Indicates Kidney Diseases

2017-07-26 16:13
Four Sign of Urine Indicates Kidney Diseases

Urine functioning eliminate metabolism and extra salt and normal urine color is yellow or colorless. But when urine color start to change, it may indicates kidney diseases and further examination is suggested.

Four Sign of Urine Indicates Kidney Diseases

1. Soy sauce like urine

As we mentioned before, normal urine color is yellow or colorless, urine color will change with the water ingestion. But when urine color turn to brown or soy sauce like urine, it may indicate exertional rhabdomyolysis or acute kidney failure.

When you do excessive exercise, some cells can not withstand it and diet, then they can degradation to myoglobin and pass through urine and lead urine turn to brown or deep brown. With the myoglobin build up in renal, it will cause kidney lesion or acute kidney failure.

Solution: when you find brown urine or soy cause like urine, stop exercise and drink more water, go to hospital as soon as possible.

2. Smelly Urine

Fresh and normal urine has a sense of fragrance, unless it place too long will have an ammonia smell. But when your urine occur this two smell, you should watch out for kidney diseases:

Foul smell: it often caused by urinary tract bacterial infection, cystitis, and suppurative pyelitis.

Ammonia odor, it is a smell of stale urine, but when fresh urine start to spread this smell, it may indicates a anhydrobiotic, cystitis, or retention of urine.

3. Foamy urine

Urine contains some organic and inorganic substances, and these elements will cause some foam in urine. If these foamy disappear soon, or within half an hour, it is normal condition. While, if there are many tiny foam in urine and can not disappear within hours, you should attention for protein urine, a symptoms of kidney disease.

4. Frequent micturition

Normally, people will pass urine around 6 times in daytime and at most 2 times in night, if you frequently want to pass urine, and every time feel still have urine to pass, it may be frequent micturition. Nephropyelitis, acute cystitis, and urethritis will cause frequent micturition.

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