Why Is It Difficult for Proteinuria to Turn Negative

2018-12-23 08:26

Why Is It Difficult for Proteinuria to Turn NegativeExcept for special cases, the more proteinuria means the worse kidney function, and the worse kidney function means the more proteinuria. Why is it difficult for proteinuria to turn negative?

Generally when proteinuria turns negative for over 2 years, it can be considered “cure”, and renal function is stabilized. And there is no immediate possibility of kidney failure.

Although a few kidney patients try many ways to eliminate proteinuria, the result is less than satisfactory. And their proteinuria gets relapse frequently. There are two causes which can not be ignored.

-Impaired renal function is irreversible, so it is difficult for proteinuria to turn negative.

-From stage 3 to kidney deficiency stage, kidney tissues and cells have substantial damage, which is irreversible. Therefore, proteinuria can be controlled, but not cured.

There are different requirements for proteinuria control in different conditions.

For chronic glomerulonephritis, IgA Nephritis, early stage of Membranous Nephropathy, Minimal Change Disease, mild mesangial hyperplasia nephropathy and so on, proteinuria is required to be reduced under 0.15g.

For moderate to severe mesangial hyperplasia nephropathy, IgA Nephropathy, focal segmentative glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), and membranous nephropathy stage 2 and 3. It is more helpful to control proteinuria below 1g to reduce the risk of uremia.

However, for Diabetic Nephropathy, Hypertensive Nephropathy, Lupus Nephritis, proteinuria is not easy to treat, and you can just keep it under 1.5g.

Therefore, patients with different illness condition should regulate proteinuria levels according to their condition. Besides pathological factors, you can train the following three habits, which are helpful to lower proteinuria.

-Medication habit

Proteinuria reduction drugs generally include steroids, immunosuppressants, other classes such as ACEI or ARBs, statins class lipid-lowering drugs. According to the different conditions, kidney patients use different drugs.

More kidney patients care about the effect of medication, but do not pay attention to the process of medication, including medication time, use principle, such as hormone to start enough, gradually reduce the amount, long-term maintenance principle, but some kidney patients are difficult to adhere to it. And those who can adhere have a better effect, and a lower proteinuria.

-Self-discipline habit

Do you stick to a low-salt, low-protein diet? Do you keep going to bed and getting up early? Do you stick to proper exercise? Kidney disease requires patients to have higher self-discipline. For example, low salt and low protein diet can reduce the burden of kidney function, and let the effect of lowering protein drug play to the maximum.

-Reexamination habit

Reexamination is an important means to supervise the disease. You can not judge blindly the amount of proteinuria and kidney function by feeling alone. Reexamination is not only to test the therapeutic effect of a period of time, but also to test whether kidney patients are strict with their own diet, drugs and other daily life management.

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