Controlling anemia means controlling a half of renal disease? Three tips are effective to anemia

2017-07-28 16:20

Controlling anemia means controlling a half of renal disease? Three tips are effective to anemia

During the treatment of renal disease, anemia troubles both doctor and patients. Some experienced experts will say that renal disease is not hard if we can control the anemia.

Different to heart consisted of muscle, renal is a group of capillary. Each day, there are numerous blood flowing here. Renal can clean toxins in blood, and blood prove renal some nutrients.

Why kidney patients suffer from anemia?

Though lack of iron is the main cause of anemia, but in kidney disease, it is not caused by this. Anemia in kidney disease is due to the damaged kidney can not produce enough haemopoietin.

Besides, after kidney get damaged, anemia causes red blood cells die.

What is the risk of anemia?

Anemia results in oxygen can not be transported into whole body. And the following three part are important:

1. Anemia can lead to organs lack of oxygen and reduce their ability. It can cause some severe conditions such as increased hear rate, the heart work increases, left ventricular hypertrophy, exacerbation of heart failure, ischemia myocardial.

2. Long term anemia can reduce the endocrine function of oarium and orchis.

3. severe condition is to decrease the immune system and increase the possibility of infection.

How to treat anemia in kidney disease?

1. Oral taken medicine

Taking Androgen, Cobalt chloride, and Iron based on specific condition. When suffer from anemia, you can often feel stomach and dark stool. Taking Iron medicine can help release stomach. Vitamin D can improve the absorb ability of Iron, so, oral taken medicine and oranges can help.

2. Injection

Oral taken medicine has a slow effect, because muscle can only take 6 mg iron per day, this need us to take injection.

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