How to Recover Kidney Function for CKD Stage 3 Patients

2017-08-27 15:00

Question: Hi my daughter is 21 and has stage 3 kidney disease. Do you have any suggestions on how she can recover her kidney function?

How to Recover Kidney Function for CKD Stage 3 PatientsAnswer: Stage 3 CKD means GFR ranges from 30 to 60. In general, when GFR is more than 50, it is possible to reverse the disease, while when GFR is less than 50%, it becomes impossible, but there is still treatment to slow down the progression and protect the residual kidney function well. What is your daughter’s GFR now? And what treatment does she receive? How is the effect?

Conventional treatment for CKD stage 3 is to control symptoms and complications such as proteinuria, swelling, anemia and high blood pressure. If your daughter does not have any of them, no treatment is needed.

It is right to control the symptoms and complications, but it is wrong for you to leave the disease alone when you do not feel bad. Benjamin Franklin said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Therefore, it is better for you to take treatment as early as possible to prevent further kidney damage.

In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, Toxin-Removing Treatment is mainly used in the initial treatment, because we think that it is the accumulated waste products in body that cause your kidney damage. And clinical practices prove that we are right. After a period of treatment, many renal patients’ kidney function begin to increase. Now let me introduce it briefly.

This is a systemic Chinese medicine, which makes use of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Enema Therapy and so on to remove waste products including immune complexes out of body. After about one week’s treatment, you will see floccules in urine, which are those wastes being passed out. This treatment can also promote blood circulation and increase blood flow into damaged kidneys to improve ischemia and anoxia. Besides, it can provide the damaged kidneys with enough essential elements to speed up kidney recovery.

How to recover kidney function for CKD stage 3 patients? Now you get the answer. If you are interested in our hospital and our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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