How Do Kidney Patients Get Protein Out Of Urine

2018-01-28 00:49

How Do Kidney Patients Get Protein Out Of UrineHow do kidney patients get protein out of urine? Protein in urine is an obvious sign of kidney disease. Protein leakage can make you swelling and malnutrition. It requires timely treatment.

How does protein in urine occur?

When healthy kidneys filter fluid, minerals and wastes from the blood, they do not allow large amounts of serum protein to escape into the urine. But when kidneys are not filtering properly, proteinuria can occur, meaning that an abnormal amount of protein is present in the urine.

How do kidney patients get out of proteinuria?

The radical therapy is to repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function. In order to get this, the first step is to cleanse toxins from your body. Kidney disease is the accumulation of excess substances in the body. Chinese medicine thinks that excess is toxic. Common medicines can not remove toxins from your body and blood while our hospital creates Detoxification Therapy which can remove excess substances from your body via urine, bowel movement and sweat glands. This can give you a clean blood environment. Then Chinese medicines can arrive at kidney lesion directly to repair injured kidney tissues and improve renal function through dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing nutrients. In this way, proteinuria can be prevented from the root.

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