How To Treat Swelling In Kidney Patients

2018-02-08 01:09

Treat Swelling In Kidney PatientsSwelling is one of common symptoms in kidney disease. It usually occurs in legs, face, ankles and feet and finally spread your whole body. Well, how to treat swelling in kidney patients?

First, we need to know causes of renal swelling.

There are two reasons that can cause swelling. One is electrolyte disorder and the other one is massive protein leakage. Electrolyte disorder especially sodium ion metabolism disorder is easy to cause crystal osmotic pressure imbalance and then fluid will be squeezed from the cell to the outside cells, forming edema.

Besides, massive protein leakage will cause decline of plasma proteins. Plasma albumin decline will cause colloid osmotic pressure imbalance. Fluid in plasma will enter interstitial space to form swelling.

Therefore, as for kidney patients, doctors usually suggest less salt and high quality protein diet. It is to prevent edema.

What is the treatment for renal swelling?


One function of diuretics is to prevent the reabsorption of sodium in the renal tubules and replace the retention of sodium ions in the body so as to eliminate swelling. Besides, diuretics can lower blood pressure so you should take diuretics in the morning and should not take them before bedtime.

High quality protein intake

High quality protein can be absorbed easily by the body like fish, chicken, eggs, milk and beans, etc.

Excess protein intake will aggravate protein leakage so as to worsen kidney damage. Therefore, you need to limit the intake. That is, you should follow low but high quality protein intake.

The above are some suggestion for relieving swelling in kidney patients. If you want to know more information, you can leave a message below or email We will reply you as soon as possible.

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