If You Have These Eight Characteristics, It Means Your Kidney Disease Is to Get Remission Soon

2018-04-13 16:04

Many kidney patients have such a question: why I get kidney disease even though I do not have any discomforts? In fact, the early symptoms of kidney disease are not easy to detect without careful observation.

Most kidney patients have a common character. That is worry. They worry about their disease gets worse, and they also worry that they can not find out a reasonable treatment method. But kidney disease is a very complexes disease, which is closely associated with your physical condition and illness condition. Besides, it is also reduced with living habits. If you can do the following 8 things strictly, your kidney disease can be controlled very well.
If You Have These Eight Characteristics, It Means Your Kidney Disease Is to Get Remission Soon

1. To measure blood pressure regularly

Blood pressure is related to kidney disease closely. It can reflect the severity of kidney disease. In the diagnosis of kidney disease, if you have high blood pressure (over 140/90mmHg), it often indicates the pathological type of disease is very severe. After the occurrence of hypertension, it can speed up kidney damage if it can not be stabilized so as to increase your risk of uremia significantly.

It is a must for kidney patients to observe blood pressure at all times. A good control of blood pressure can help you control kidney disease well.

2. To keep good control of blood sugar level

More and more diabetic patients have kidney disease. Among dialysis patients, a large portion of them are caused by diabetes. Therefore, to keep blood sugar in a reasonable scope is also a way to control kidney disease.

3. Normal serum creatinine level

Serum creatinine is one of the most commonly used indicators of renal function. When it is normal or slightly increases and keeps stable, it means you are in early stage, and you still have time to cure it.

4. Do not eat blindly.

The biggest myth of kidney disease is to supplement various foods and medications, which actually can make your kidneys worse. Some renal patients know that they can not eat blindly. For renal patients who do not eat blindly, the disease can be controlled better.

If You Have These Eight Characteristics, It Means Your Kidney Disease Is to Get Remission Soon
5. Appropriate restriction of food

Eat less salt, restrict meat intake and eat moderate bean product, milk and egg. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Such a balanced diet is good for your kidneys. But restriction does not mean avoid. It is extremely important for you to maintain a good weight and mental state.

6. Regular checkups

Kidney disease gets relapse easily. Therefore, no matter you have controlled proteinuria, blood pressure or kidney function well or not, you should do regular checkups.

7.Do not be angry or anxious.

Mood has a great influence on kidney disease treatment. Sometimes it can found in clinic that some renal patients present proteinuria or sharp increase of blood pressure after quarrelling with others. Therefore, keep peace of mind. Do not be angry or anxious. And to learn to adjust emotion.

8. Keep on exercises

If your endurance is not good, you can choose walking, tai chi, yoga and other gentle exercises firstly and then increase your intensity and duration. If your endurance is good, you can choose dancing, jogging, swimming and other slightly more intense exercises. But keep in mind that it is not the more you do exercises, the better your condition. Choose the most suitable exercises according to your medical condition.

If You Have These Eight Characteristics, It Means Your Kidney Disease Is to Get Remission Soon
Chronic kidney disease is a long-term disease that gets relapse easily. Most renal patients worry about their disease, but as long as you follow doctor’s instruction and cooperate with good living habit to stabilize the disease, it is possible for you to control the disease well. For more information on CKD, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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