CKD Stage 3 and Natural Treatment: Reduce Creatinine Level without Dialysis

2017-07-13 17:40

 how to reduce creatinine level in ckd stage 3

You may have no idea of which stage you have been in, or, weather you have kidney disease or not. There are so many patients who once diagnosed with kidney disease is already in kidney failure stage, CKD stage 4.Creatinine is the index to identify kidney stage. And can we reduce creatinine level in CKD stage 3?

There are so many people without regular physical examination, even once a year, no. We should improve our attitude towards physical examination. Some people are afraid because they do not want to find their physical condition is bad; some people the, regard it as useless, they believe they can feel what happened to them directly. But, if these two kind of people develop into kidney disease stage 2 or stage 3, they can hardly feel anything. And, despite kidney disease, will you know your blood pressure regular or not, if do not measure it? The first step to avoid or cure kidney disease is to do regular physical examination, once or twice a year.

Then, if we are diagnosed with kidney disease, chronic kidney disease, stage 3, do not be afraid. It is unnecessary. There are many people living with kidney diseases. If taking correct treatment, we can control the progression, and sometimes, we can get rid of kidney diseases.

What treatment can be used in Stage 3 kidney disease? Here we suggest you Toxin-Removing Treatment in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital. It is a natural treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which using natural herbal medicine to treat chronic kidney diseases. This treatment is a systematic treatment that using different medicines to treat different diseases. This treatment can help reduce creatinine level, dilate blood vessel, improve physical condition, release complications.

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