Will hematuria and protein urine surely cause renal failure

2017-08-09 10:38

Will hematuria and protein urine surely cause renal failure

Blood in urine, also called as hematuria, combined with protein urine are to index worries renal patients. some patients may start kidney diseases with these two index abnormal until the end stage renal diseases. while some start with them, and then, through correct treatment, it turn negative. Why the result is different? Is it sure that positive protein and blood in urine will cause renal failure and when negative will get off?

What is protein urine?

The function of protein urine is as follow:

Normal urine contains very little protein. But when renal structure get damaged, the glomerular filtrate membrane and the reabsorb function of tubules will reduce and leads protein eliminated with urine. Protein get out of renal means renal filtration rates are decreased. But, protein level will not reflect the sever of kidney disease.

Light chronic kidney diseases with little protein leakage will not mean the damage of kidney is light, plenty protein urine will not mean the severe damage of protein.

Some patients with light nephritis will suffer a lot protein urine, such as minimal change nephritis and light tumornecrosis, for which the protein urine level may over 10g per day.

The meaning of blood in urine.

About blood in urine, some fall into misunderstanding. It is necessary to see positive or not, but the amount of red blood cells are also important. Test in high level lens has more than 3 red blood cells will diagnosed with blood in urine.

Do attention to the urine color change caused by non-renal elements. Eating beet root or carrot will change urine color, and when suffer from urine tract infection, urine tract stone will also lead to urine color change.

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