These 3 Points Make Diabetic Nephropathy the Most Terrible Type of Kidney Disease

2018-11-10 16:49

These 3 Points Make Diabetic Nephropathy the Most terrible Type of Kidney DiseaseKidney disease can be divided into dozens of pathological types, ranging from Minimal Change Disease, the more easily treatable type to Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), the most troublesome type.

Among the many pathological types, Diabetes Nephropathy is generally considered to be the most frightening, for the following three reasons.

1. It is hidden.

The hidden nature of diabetic nephropathy is very good, second only to occult nephritis. Considering that the consequences caused by both of them are basically out of proportion, the hidden nature of diabetic nephropathy is very terrible.

We know that diabetic nephropathy is mainly divided into five stages, the first three stages only have symptoms of urinary protein, and even the second stage of urinary protein has become intermittent by the third stage, which makes people mistakenly think that the disease has improved!

It is not until there is a serious injury to renal function, i.e. the rise of blood creatinine, that obvious symptoms such as high blood pressure will appear. Most patients with diabetic nephropathy are diagnosed at this stage.

The problem is that by the third stage, the best time for treatment has been missed!

2. It is destructive.

The destructiveness of diabetic nephropathy is mainly reflected in the effect on renal blood circulation.

We know that diabetes can cause blood clots and elevated blood pressure, which can be especially deadly for kidneys, which are themselves two capillary clusters.

Why is it that other pathological types of kidney patients can only be dialyzed when the serum creatinine exceeds 700 umoI/L, while diabetic nephropathy patients need to prepare for dialysis as long as the serum creatinine reaches 500 umoI/L?

This is because the damage of high blood sugar to the kidneys is so intense that the rate of kidney damage is much higher than for other pathological types.

It is this reason that diabetic nephropathy becomes the most recent pathological type of uremia.

3. Treatment difficulty is very high.

The difficulty in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy lies in two aspects: one is to control the “Three Highs”, and the other is to prevent the continuous death of renal cells.

Control Three Highs need not say much, basically be high blood sugar and high blood pressure, which have a variety of medicine to offer an alternative. The key is to keep kidney cells from dying.

The reason why renal cells keep on dying lie in the blood flow environment in kidneys, namely renal ischemia and anoxia caused by blood vessel blockage. Both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine have been working hard to improve renal microcirculation, but there are no particularly effective results at present.

Therefore, the treatment of diabetic nephropathy mainly focuses on controlling symptoms. When it goes to kidney failure, dialysis is a must.

Then how to deal with the terrible Diabetic Nephropathy?

1. To have regular checkups

For those suffering from diabetes, at least two physical examinations should be guaranteed every year. Once urinary protein appears, medical treatment should be started timely, and then diabetic nephropathy will be killed in the cradle.

2. To control blood sugar level actively

The damage caused by unstable blood sugar is not just diabetic nephropathy, but also eye, foot, heart, etc. Therefore, active sugar control is very important, not only to maintain the physical and mental health of patients, but also to reduce the burden of the family.

3. To cooperate with treatment

Once the diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy is confirmed, it is very important to cooperate with treatment. Compared with other pathological types, diabetic nephropathy needs to strictly follow the doctor's advice, especially in the aspect of drug use. No decisions should be made on drug reduction or discontinuation.

4. To have positive emotion

Being cheerful and happy is crucial to the improvement of cardiovascular conditions , and positive emotion can also make the therapeutic effect better.

Diabetic Nephropathy is terrible, but it can be controlled well with early treatment. For more information on its treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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