Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat Carrot

2017-08-06 10:37

Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat Carrot

Diabetes and diabetic nephropathy patient have many limitations in food intake, and many patients may wonder, can we intake carrot, which rich in vitamin?

The carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in color, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist. Carrots are a domesticated form of the wild carrot, Daucus carota, native to Europe and southwestern Asia. The plant probably originated in Persia and was originally cultivated for its leaves and seeds. The most commonly eaten part of the plant is the taproot, although the greens are sometimes eaten as well. The domestic carrot has been selectively bred for its greatly enlarged, more palatable, less woody-textured taproot. The carrot gets its characteristic, bright orange colour from β-carotene, and lesser amounts of α-carotene, γ-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. α- and β-carotenes are partly metabolized into vitamin A, providing more than 100% of the Daily Value (DV) per 100 g serving of carrots (right table). Carrots are also a good source of vitamin K (13% DV) and vitamin B6 (11% DV), but otherwise have modest content of other essential nutrients (right table).—from wikipedia.

It seems that carrot benefits a lot, and every one should eat it. While, can we diabetes and diabetic nephropathy patient eat that? We have a strict diet control and a strict control of total calorie intake.

Yes, we can eat them, if we reduce some staple food.

Carrot has a high GI level, 71, higher than most fruits and vegetables, so, if we suffer from diabetes, we can only eat it with right amount.

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