Can I Take Sweet Food in Diabetic Nephropathy

2017-10-31 11:59

Can I Take Sweet Food in Diabetic Nephropathy

Patients with diabetes or diabetic nephropathy often want to know whether they can intake some sweet food? Is it available for them? Can this kind of food lead to blood sugar increase? How many can they eat, and when is forbidden?

Before answer this question, we have to know what is diabetic nephropathy?

Diabetic nephropathy means damage in your kidneys cased by diabetes. In severe cases, this disease can lead to kidney failure. But not everyone with diabetes will develop into kidney failure, and not everyone with diabetes will have kidney damage. The key world to prevent this is to control your blood sugar and prevent diabetes develop into kidney damage as well as kidney failure.

Can diabetes patients eat sweet food?

Can diabetes patients eat sweet food? Yes, you can. Do not forget that you have to take some sugar to prevent low blood sugar even if you are using insulin. But, do not take sugar when unnecessary. It is not good for treatment. So, if you want to take some sweet food, control the sugar intake is the key point. And, sweet fruits and vegetables’ intake should follow your doctor’s direction, do not totally forbidden them, and do not over take them.

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