Avoid Uremia with Following Three Tips

2017-08-18 17:43

Avoid Uremia with Following Three Tips

There are only one in ten known that they are in kidney diseases. And most of kidney disease patients live in a normal life. But the patients known their condition living in a life with afraid.

Contact so many patients, you will understand that these patients who do not know their condition have no different with ordinary people, but they may develop into uremia or kidney failure stage due to long-term lack of attention. But even so, kidney disease patients are always so frightened.

Human body is very strong, the kidneys are very powerful, even sick kidneys. This powerful place is reflected in wherever there is a problem, the body will always give you a warm tip, so you can prepare it in advance.

Some people take the very low probability things to scare everyone, I believe that things are true, but we don’t worry about this too much. In fact, kidney disease in daily life can be controlled or prevent as long as you pay attention to following three points.

First, urine

All the urine are discharged from kidney, the kidneys have any changes, urine is bound to give a prompt. So the inflammation of the reaction period of patients with kidney disease as long as the daily tightening of the urine changes, the disease is generally not a sharp increase.

In urine when there is no change, kidney disease patients can do some exercise, so that can effectively improve the patient's own immunity.

Second, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, uric acid

Kidney is a huge capillary group, the blood flow through the kidney when the general and the general artery is different.

If the kidney problems, blood flow changes, in order to maintain the body needs, blood pressure will rise, so high blood pressure should pay attention to; renal excretion capacity decline, uric acid row does not go out, will rise; blood lipids will lead to blood viscosity, Such a blood through the capillaries is also a problem.

So, patients with elevated creatinine as long as attention to these indicators, the same will not have a big problem.

Third, infection

Nephrotic patients in the entire process of disease immunity is relatively low, part of which is the problem of hormones and immunosuppressive agents, the other part of the disease itself is the problem.

So usually try to add their own layer of protection, just like ordinary people to prevent fever like cold, kidney patients as long as they do not go to the crowd drill, no special action, the general is not a problem.

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