Necessary Things in Doing Urine Test

2017-08-06 11:26

protein urine and ckd diagnose

Nephrologue’s warn: pay attention to these falls when collect 24 hour urine

We have all reasons to believe that kidney patients are familiar to urine. Because in most condition, their diseases and symptoms are judged from urine test. So, urine test plays an important role in kidney disease treatment.

Here, we have to talk about urine test, a specific and important test in nephrology department. Actually, one commonly used test is 24 hours protein urine quality, this test need patients collect their 24 hours’ urine. Due to it’s long time and quality, it also contains a lot mistakes. But, urine test need you make at least mistake as you can, so, here we suggest you some falls, hope you can avoid:

1. forget

We are busy every day, and we may forget to collect, if you will collect, choose a day you are not so busy.

2. misunderstand of time

There we say 24 hours, if you collect from morning, your first urine, it’s wrong. If we want to start from morning, we should collect from the second one, because the first one belongs to yesterday. And then, in tomorrow morning, the first one should be collected, it within 24 hours.

3. write down the total amount

Before you send to test, do write down the total amount, because your doctor may ask for that, if you forget, it will waste some time to measure. Or, you can choose a thing with marks.

4. unmixed urine

This talks about urine test, doctor will not test all urine, and will take some to test, so, do mix all urines.

5. urine are polluted

Some may fail to protect the urine, and then it was polluted. If that way, we should restart.

So, if you are asked to collect 24 hour urine, do remember these things.

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