Is Uremia A Fatal Disease

2017-09-18 17:25

Is uremia a fatal disease

Most people heard about uremia, because it can lead to death. So, there are so many people believing that it is a fatal disease and has no cure. Some even called it as kidney cancer. Is it?

Here we have to solve these problems: is uremia a cancer? Is uremia an incurable disease? First we can know is, uremia is not kidney cancer, they are two different diseases. Uremia is an end stage renal disease. Due to its long term and severe damage to kidneys, it has a high fatal rate. There is a misunderstanding that uremia and kidney cancer is a same disease because they can lead to death.

Uremia is not an incurable disease. With the development of modern medicine, therapy for it has marched a lot. As a disease that combined with multiple diseases, once patients develop into it, toxins can hardly be eliminated and will suffer from so many complications.

Uremia can be treated with many treatments. For now, dialysis is widely used in treating chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, as well as uremia. Of course, patients can also choose combined method to improve it, such as Chinese medicine and western medicine at same time.

Here we can suggest you a natural treatment in China. It is Traditional Chinese Medicine, called as Toxin-Removing Therapy. This treatment has the same theory as dialysis, they both aim eliminate toxins in blood and avoid further damage. But, dialysis fail in repair injured kidney tissue and this treatment can do that.

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