Why some patients develop into uremia within three years

2017-09-30 16:36

Why some patients develop into uremia within three years

Suffering from same disease but having different development. Recently, a patient with nephritis asked our doctor about why he developed into uremia within three years but another patients in his ward with same diseases as him still in stage 3 nephritis which was he diagnosed with three years ago. Here we’d like to share you some tips to slow down progression of kidney diseases.

Before that, we have to say the importance of patient plays in disease. It not only depends on doctor or medicine, but cooperation between doctors and patients. Prevention remains the best cure of all. But, when you confront with kidney disease, what we should do is to follow doctor’s direction, take medicine and control your life as doctors’ word.

First thing is keep a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle, we all know what it is. Low salt, low sugar or no sugar, high quality low protein no more than 300g per day, regular exercises, no smoking and drinking, at least 3000ml water or so. But, does it enough? I think it is. It is not a specific diet chart but you can insist in this principal for how long. Can you? To be or not to be, it’s a question.

Then, control complications through medicine. Some complications can turn negative through medicine. And some complications can be stabilized with medicines. Controlling these medicine can largely slow down the progression of kidney disease.

Kidney disease can be divided into many branches, and if you compare with different disease, their progressions are different. So, we have to compare with same disease in same stage.

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