Fatigue and Kidney Disease

Fatigue and Kidney Disease

Fatigue is one of most commonly complained symptoms by kidney disease patients, and it will affect the life quality of patients. Therefore, as a kidney disease patients, you should know they causes and its treatment of fatigue.

Let's first learn about the meaning of fatigue.

In fact, fatigue refers to a mental condition of being tired and weak. In clinical, patients often have symptoms like pale face, headache, weakness, or dizziness, and so on. In general, fatigue occurs slowly.

Here are some of the causes of fatigue for kidney disease patients.

- Anemia: healthy kidneys have function to produce enough red blood cells to transport blood. However, when kidneys are damaged for kidney disease patients, their will be shortage of EPO. In this case, anemia is more likely to occur, thus can easily cause fatigue to patients.

- Usage of medication: due to kidney disease, patients need to take medication to relieve some of the severe symptoms. However, the usage of medicines can also lead to fatigue. For instance, antihypertensive drugs and antidepressants.

- Diet limitation: In order to reduce kidney burden, kidney disease patients also need to limit their diet daily. And the shortage of vitamin B 12 and iron may lead to fatigue as well.

Treatment Options for Fatigue

- Toxin-Removing Treatment, this is a root treatment for fatigue and kidney disease. It is systematic Chinese medicine treatment, which aims at clearing blood pollution and improving kidney function. Once kidneys can work well, anemia can be avoided, and patients can live a normal life without any severe symptoms.

- EPO Supplements: this can help increase the amount of red blood cells and rectify fatigue for kidney disease patients.

- Dietary changes. Diet also plays an important role in kidney disease patients to relieve fatigue. The supplement of folic acid, vitamin B12, iron, are also necessary. Meanwhile, some high quality protein foods, whole grain foods, fresh fruits and certain vegetables can be added to your daily dietary plan.

Above are about the diet and treatment for fatigue and kidney disease, hope these information can help more kidney disease patients.

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