Type of Kidney Disease

Zhang Daning, Honorary Dean

Master of traditional Chinese medicine Academician of International Academy for Europe and Asia (IAEA)

Zhang Daning is responsible for health care of central leaders. He is awarded as central health care soctor. Meanwhile, he also acts as dean in four Chinese medicine hospital and professor in three medical colleges. He complies the first Practical Chinese medicine nephrology and Chinese medicine nephrology dictionary. In this book, he normalize the concept and scope of kidney disease in Chinese medicine scientifically and strictly and the basic rules of treatment based on syndrome differentiation. He is honored as the founder in the filed of Chinese medicine for kidney disease.

Type of Kidney Disease

Chen Zhiqiang,Chief Physician

Chen Zhiqiang is a permanent member of nephrology branch of Chinese medicine association. He is also the vice president of Hebei Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, professor, archiater, and supervisor of PhD students. He enjoys the Government Special Allowance of the State Council. He is the excellent expert of Heibei Province, young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions of Hebei Province, excellent postdoctoral of Hebei Province, the fourth group of old Chinese medicine experts academic experience inheritance work guiding teacher of Hebei Province, the first group of distinguished visiting researchers of China Academy of Chinese Medical Science, chief editor of Internal Medicine of Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, the national 12th Five-Year planning textbook. Besides, he is executive director of the Renopathy Commission of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

Type of Kidney Disease

Yang Hongtao,Chief Physician

He has rich experience of Chinese medicine treatments in kidney disease. He puts forward "extravasated blood and stubbonr phlegm will block kidney collateral" and also sums up the therapies of "Promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, soften hardness to dissipate stagnation, warm the kidney and detoxify your body, disperse blood stasis and dredge the collaterals".

Zhang Youkang, Chief Physician

Occupied in the treatment of glomerulopathy for nearly 30 years; won the second prize of Scientific and Technological of Achievements from Ministry of Health and second prize of Scientific-technical Progress and Application from State Education Commission; proficient in glomerulopathy diagnosis and treatment

Zheng Falei, Chief Physician

Engaged in clinical treatment, kidney disease research, and medical education for more than 40 years; specialized in managing metabolism disorder caused by chronic kidney disease, early precaution, renal toxicity, glomerulus interstitial diseases, and electrolyte imbalance.

Jia Ying hui ,Chief Physician

Doc. Jia is the member of CMA (Chinese Medical Association). Through Dr. Jia's 10 years of clinical experience, he made a larger scale of research on FSGS (focal segmental glomerulonephritis) and diabetes.

Kang Suobin,Chief Physician

a master tutor as well as professor of Department of Acupuncture in Hebei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). He also has been the president of Hebei Acupuncture Associates for consecutive years and accumulated rich clinical experience in medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. Besides, he established Department of Acupuncture in Hebei College of TCM. And he specializes in acupuncture, and has wrote over 20 pieces of medical works and reference books.

Shi Wei,Chief Physician

He has devoted himself to renal clinical medication, who is published more than ten essays on medicine and scientific research. channels and acupoints application therapy on renal disease, New use of medical decoction etc. Besides, he owes more than 20 national patents of oral Chinese medicines prescription, such as Chinese medicines mixture treatment on chronic kidney disease, Chinese medicines mixture treatment on proteinuria and so on.

Duan Limin.M.D.

Familiar with combined therapy of Chinese and Western medicine; gained rich experience in treating polycystic kidney disease, renal cysts and its complications.

Ren Lidan, Nephrologist

Engaged in clinical treatment for over 30 years; experienced in diagnosis and differentiation of nephrotic syndrome and IgA nephropathy; specialized in dealing with chronic nephritis and kidney failure.

Zhao Weijiang.M.D.

He has made outstanding achievement in clinical treatment of kidney disease before 35 years old,and formed his own unique set of medical theoris and treatment method. He is specialized in treating Hypertension, Hypertensive Nephropathy, Diabetes.