Can Herbal Medicine Cure Edema in FSGS

2017-10-28 18:09

Can Herbal Medicine Cure Edema in FSGS

Edema is a common complication of FSGS. What should we to control edema? Can herbal medicine cure edema in FSGS?

Edema is very simple in chronic kidney disease. It is a medical term for swelling. Body parts swellin from injure or inflammation. It can affect a small area or the entire body. Medications, infections, pregnancy, and many other medical problems can lead to edema. It happens when your small blood vessels become leaky and release fluid into tissues and form edema.

Symptoms of edema include:

Swelling in tissue directly under your skin, especially in your lower legs or eyelid.

Stretched or shiny skin.

Skin that retains a dimple, after being pressed for several seconds.

Increased abdominal size.

Complications of swelling:

Increasingly pain in swelling part.

Difficult in walking.


Stretched skin, which can result in itchy and uncomfortable.

Increasing risk of getting infection in edema area.

Scarring between layers of tissue.

Decreased blood circulation.

Increased factor of skin ulcers.

What treatment can improve kidney condition?

Steroid based medicine is widely used in treating chronic kidney disease and its complications. But it has side-effects. Once you stopping the medicine, it will have a high risk of relapsing. Here we can introduce you a Toxin-Removing Therapy, which is mainly treating chronic kidney disease and its complications. This treatment can help you eliminate extra fluid in your blood and remove them out of your tissue. Then, regulate your blood system and prevent more blood cells leaking out. For FSGE, this therapy is available to reduce lesion area in kidneys and prevent further damage.

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