Four Habits Hurt Kidneys Should Be Avoided

2017-08-21 16:16

Four Habits Hurt Kidneys Should Be Avoided

After working in kidney disease hospital, I start to know the consequence of kidney damage and what will happen. After seen so many patients, finally, I realize, a lot of them are caused by bad living habit.

These four bad habits should be avoided and worth to pay much attention to.

1. Drug abuse

People used to take medicines when not feel good. But they take medicine doctor prescribed to them in last similar diseases, and maybe not in same condition. Besides, there are so many health products claimed can provide numerous necessary elements people need. And they also create some so called miracle medicine for aged people.

The consequence is medicine you take have no effect, and diseases still there. But, medicine will cause lesion in kidneys, or sometimes cause acute kidney disease.

2. Irregular living habit

Irregular living habit means often stay up late. Sufficient sleep can make organs get rest, and provide energy, have more productiveness to finish work, better than the condition in next day after stay up late. Meanwhile, stay up late will also cause obesity, kidney disease and diabetes.

3. Smoking

Smoking will cause damage to your body. In kidney patients, smoking person has a higher risk of getting extra situation. Meanwhile, two hand smoke has huge damage to health. For your family and your own healthy, do avoid and stop smoking.

4. Do not like exercise

A person care more about health will more prefer exercise. Body building is a fashion. People do not like exercise will pay little attention to diet, and will have higher risk getting diseases. frequent diseases will cause kidney lesion. Lack of exercise, poor immune system, insufficient of sprit, how to fight against kidney disease?

Change your bad habit and start a healthy lifestyle. Act now, and insist in.

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