Remove High Creatinine Level 5.36 with Natural Treatment

2017-08-31 15:54

Remove High Creatinine Level 5.36 with Natural Treatment

High creatinine level is caused by damaged kidney which failed to filter the waste products and metabolism in blood and eliminate them through urine. what should we do to reduce high creatinine level?

High creatinine level will cause many side-effects in body. Whereas, in early stage, we can feel nothing but a little tired, slight edema and protein in urine. Normally, patients hardly relate these to kidney diseases, and often treat it as normal complications of over work or depression, or even a sign of cold. If you have regular physical examination, such as once or twice a year, you can find it early and will get better treatment. but, when it diagnosed in creatinine level 5.36, which means a kidney failure stage, you have to suffer a lot before control or improve it. dialysis may be suggested to control the creatinine level, but due to the side-effects, there are mo re and more patients want to find an alternative methods and avoid kidney failure progression. What kind of treatment can improve kidney failure regardless of dialysis?

If we start dialysis, it’s an endless treatment. But, in creatinine level 5.36, not a so severe condition, we can start with an alternative method instead of dialysis. here we introduce you Toxin-Removing Therapy in China. It is an natural treatment based on traditional chinese medicine and external applications. This treatment can help patients remove toxins in blood and blood cells. it can help avoid dialysis in early stage and can help reduce high creatinine level slowly and effectively.

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