Diagnosed with uremia without signs, what should I do

2017-10-07 18:21

Diagnosed with uremia without signs, what should I do

Working in kidney department, I have meet so many cases that patients diagnosed with uremia when they just reach their beautiful age, hopeful future and work. And it is shocked for every single person to face uremia suddenly.

Patients often say that I feel nothing, but diagnosed with uremia? If I can feel something wrong, I must have gone for a doctor instead of developing into this stage. This is kidney disease. A silent killer. We can hardly feel something is wrong with our kidneys, unless we have developed into kidney failure or end stage renal disease. This warns us to keep a regular physical examination, pay attention to our physical condition instead of always believing that we are in good health and do not have to go to hospital or eat any medicine. Patients develop into uremia without signs often are those who pay no attention to their physical condition and often let diseases self-cure.

The following fact you have to know:

There are 10% of population around the world suffer from kidney disease, every stage, which means a total number of 600million.

Kidney disease is a silent killer that makes some people hardly feel something is wrong with their kidneys.

Misdiagnose occur very frequently, because when you stomach is bad, you will go to Gastroenterology dept., and when you suffer from anemia, you will go to hematology department, it is very hard for a patients to relate these disease to kidney diseae. This also lead to many patients develop into dialysis and even transplant.

What should we do to prevent uremia or dialysis?

If you suffer from these symptoms, go to hospital for further kidney function diagnosis:


Brown or red urine color

Foamy urine, like beer and can not disappear within 30 minutes

High blood pressure

Night urine more than 2 times

Shortness breathing, fatigue

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