What Is the Danger of High Creatinine Level, and How to Reduce Creatinine Quickly

2018-04-18 16:58

High creatinine level is an important index that troubles many renal patients. The most question asked by renal patients is that how to reduce creatinine level.

Why there is creatinine? And how does creatinine level elevate?

Kidney is like a filter, which can filter the unnecessary metabolite wastes from body, one of which is creatinine. When kidneys are damaged, creatinine can not be filtered out, so it accumulates in the blood, leading to elevated creatinine level. Therefore, increased creatinine level is an important warning for kidney damage.
When you find creatinine level increases, there will be a lot of dangers.

When you find creatinine level increases, there will be a lot of dangers.

1. When creatinine level is 133-177 umol/L, it is in renal insufficiency stage 1. Symptoms in this stage are not obvious. But you may feel weak, no energy or poor appetite. That is why many patients question that why creatinine level increases without any symptoms.

Danger: Creatinine level has increased. Without timely treatment, it will go into next stage quickly.

2. When creatinine level is 177-442, it is in stage 2 renal insufficiency. Symptoms in this stage are obvious. You may have skin itching, symptoms associated with anemia, limb numbness, etc.

Danger: If you have the above symptoms, it means your creatinine level is very high. Without treatment, there is 90% possibility for you to have kidney failure.

3. When creatinine level is 422-707, it is kidney failure stage. A variety of complications may appear in this stage, such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, respiratory impairment, poor sleeping quality, bad appetite, skin itching, fatigue, reduce urine, blood urine, diarrhea, extremely thirsty, drowsiness, libido decrease, anemia, etc.

Danger: Patients go into uremia easily and then to live on dialysis to maintain life.

When you find creatinine level increases, there will be a lot of dangers.
No matter renal patients or doctor do not want to see kidney disease progress into kidney failure and then into uremia. Many patients think that kidney disease develops to uremia sooner or later, but the fact is that with correct treatment, the disease can be controlled well.

Then how to reduce creatinine level effectively? For uremic patients, elevated creatinine level results from kidney damage. The accumulation of creatinine and other wastes do a lot of harm to body. Many complications such as cardiovascular disease result from creatinine, urea and other toxins.

Kidney damage is a progressive process. For scarred renal tissues, they do not have treatment value, but for those without forming scar, they can be repaired and protected.

When you find creatinine level increases, there will be a lot of dangers.
Renal lesion development needs a period of time. Therefore, treatment for restoration also needs a process. During this period, you should prevent catching a cold, control diet and emotion, not be tired, control blood pressure and blood sugar level and so on to protect renal function well. For more information, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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