Is Dialysis A Must for Patients with Creatinine Level Over 700

2018-04-20 16:22

Most renal patients know that creatinine 707 is the limit to start dialysis. But sometimes even if creatinine is over 8 or 900, some patients do not start dialysis, while for some patients, they have to start to dialysis even though their creatinine level just passes 500. Then when should you start dialysis? Is it a must for patients with creatinine level over 700?
Is Dialysis A Must for Patients with Creatinine Level Over 700

In fact, simply creatinine level can not decide whether you should do dialysis or not. That is because there are many factors that affect the result of blood creatinine level, especially age and gender.

Then to start dialysis early or later, which one is better? To start dialysis at appropriate time can help you protect residual renal function well. When you should do dialysis is usually decided by glomerular filtration rate (GFR). When GFR is less than 10 ml/min, you should take dialysis into consideration.

Is Dialysis A Must for Patients with Creatinine Level Over 700
But there are some special conditions. For example,

(1) Creatinine level is over 707, but you do not have any uremic symptoms and complications. Your urine volume is normal. And you do not have water and sodium retention and high blood potassium level. In such a case, you can put off dialysis, but you should seize your time to restore a portion of renal function so as to keep dialysis away. Here we recommend you to try Toxin-Removing Treatment, which can help eliminate waste products and extra fluid from body via your urine, sweat and stool.

(2) If your creatinine and urea level is not that high, but you have severe narcolepsy, convulsion, bleeding tendency, high edema, heart failure, etc, you should start dialysis.

(3) If you have Diabetic Nephropathy, and you have massive proteinuria and obvious swelling, dialysis should be started earlier.

(4) When you have severe complications such as long-term oliguria, swelling, high blood pressure and anemia, even if your GFR is over 15 ml/min, and creatinine level is less than 707, you should start dialysis as soon as possible.

All in all, whether you should start dialysis earlier or later depends on your medical condition. Now you can send a copy of your lab report to We can help you analyze it and then give you some suggestions.

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