5 Drugs for Lowering Creatinine Level

2018-10-15 16:00

5 Drugs for Lowering Creatinine LevelOnce elevated creatinine is detected, you may be concerned that the condition will deteriorate and quickly develop uremia. Therefore, you may ask doctors for specific drugs to reduce creatinine as soon as possible.

After regular and timely treatment, a considerable number of patients have a drop in creatinine, or even completely normal. So are there really specific drugs that reduce creatinine?

Let's take a look at what are the drugs that can reduce creatinine?

1. Anti-hypertensive drugs

For patients whose blood pressure is not up to standard, especially those whose blood pressure increases in short term, creatinine will rise rapidly. If treated promptly and effectively, elevated creatinine can be gradually restored.

In general, long-acting antihypertensive drugs such as ACEI and ARBs are often used to lower blood pressure and stabilize it. At the same time, low salt diet can help achieve the best effect.

2. Steroids or immunosuppressants

Nephrotic Syndrome patients with heavy edema often have acute renal injury. Their renal function is obviously abnormal, and creatinine level can be up to 200 or 300, even reach the level of uremia.

When Lupus Nephritis is in activity period or in IV type, creatinine level also tends to be high.

In these cases, serum creatinine elevation is caused by primary disease.

Usually creatinine can be returned to normal as long as the primary disease is clearly diagnosed and treated in time, namely Nephrotic Syndrome or lupus nephritis.

We can select hormones (such as prednisone) and immunosuppressive agents (cyclophosphamide, Mycophenolate Mofetil, etc.) according to the condition, and give symptomatic treatment such as diuretics and anti-hypertensive drugs.

3. Anti-infective drugs

Patients with chronic kidney disease are particularly susceptible to infections (such as respiratory tract infection, skin infection, urinary tract infection, etc.) that cause rapid rise in creatinine.

Once confirmed to be associated with infectious diseases, you can use antibiotic treatment in the formal hospital, which can help bring creatinine level down.

4. Niaoduqing and medicinal charcoal

Besides the kidney, the intestine is also an important organ for excreting metabolic wastes such as creatinine, uric acid, phosphorus and potassium. Normal and regular defecation is also an effective way of detoxification.

Niaoduqing, medicinal charcoal and shenshuaining is to make use of intestine to discharge toxins so as to help the excretion of metabolic wastes such as creatinine, achieving the goal of reducing creatinine.

Chinese medicine Enema Therapy is also helpful for the excretion of toxins such as creatinine.

5. Drugs to supplement fluid

Excessive sweating, high fever, vomiting and diarrhea can lead to insufficient water and decreased blood volume in patients with kidney disease, resulting in decreased renal blood flow, insufficient renal blood supply, and decreased ability of detoxification (creatinine, etc.).

Timely fluid supplement treatment such as glucose and saline and other corresponding treatment can help lower creatinine level.

The above medications can help you bring down creatinine level. Then is there any specific medicine?

The answer is no. The so-called creatinine reduction treatment is actually a comprehensive treatment rather than a single medicine. After you have elevated creatinine level, you should choose professional doctors and hospitals for treatment. Only in this way can you lower creatinine level and avoid kidney failure.

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