How to Treat Creatinine Level Over 130

2018-12-18 10:34

How to Treat Creatinine Level Over 130High creatinine levels mean there are kidney problems, and kidney damage is over 50%. How to treat creatinine level over 130? Read on to learn more information.

When creatinine is between 133 umoI/L- 177 umoI/L, the kidney is at the active stage of inflammatory response. This is the best time to treat kidney disease. What you should do is to find the location of inflammation, control the progress of renal function by timely symptomatic treatment, and delay the occurrence of renal insufficiency. At this time, it is mainly the stage of glomerular damage. Timely elimination of inflammation can protect the remaining glomeruli and preserve the remaining renal function.

When creatinine is between 186 umol/L - 422 umol/L, the disease has progressed to renal insufficiency stage. At this time, in addition to eliminate renal inflammation, protect glomeruli and nephrons, and delay the progress of kidney disease, you should attach importance to other factors that impair renal function, namely the factors that affect creatinine to rise. And prevention is as important as treatment.

The external causes of creatinine elevation are mainly in two aspects:

1. Various infections deteriorate immune inflammation.

Infection includes cold, pneumonic, bowel infection, urinary tract infection (UTIs) and so on. It can add insult to injury to the damaged glomeruli.

2. Severe dehydration and hemoconcentration

Due to edema and abnormal fluid metabolism, kidney patients are often required to limit water intake, leading to dehydration easily. And for some patients, their immunity is so low that they are prone to diarrhea, which can make dehydration worse. Dehydration can cause hemoconcentration so that blood flow into kidneys will reduce, and then toxin concentration in the blood will increase. As a result, creatinine level rises.

With creatinine level over 130, you should do two points to prevent uremia speeding up.

-Confirm the pathological type and stage of kidney disease.

Above we have analyzed the two stages after creatinine rises. Before creatinine 177, it is the inflammatory stage. Different kidney diseases have different inflammatory reaction. For example, in early stage of IgA Nephropathy, there is mainly occult blood and proteinuria, while minimal change disease is mainly manifested as high proteinuria, heavy swelling and hyperlipidemia. Therefore, after confirming the pathological type and troublesome symptoms, it is easier to lower creatinine level.

-Protect renal function and improve microcirculation.

Kidney disease is often accompanied by capillary blockage, renal cell ischemia and hypoxia, thus accelerating renal failure. The key to protecting kidney function and avoiding uremia is to improve the blood flow in the kidney first.

In addition to the commonly used jinshuibao, bailing and other Chinese patent medicine, traditional Chinese medicine therapies can also play a better role, in which Steam Therapy, Du-Moxibustion and oral Medicine can remove toxins from the blood, and increase blood flow into kidneys as well as restoring a portion of renal function.

Note: the above article on high creatinine treatment is intended for informational purposes only. For specific treatment suggestions, please consult a physician.

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