How I Need Do to Avoid Kidney Failure with IgA Nephropathy

2017-09-01 16:17

Question: Hi, Madam. I have IgA Nephropathy. I realizes it about 7 years ago. Any treatment? And how I need do to avoid kidney failure? Thank you.

How I Need Do to Avoid Kidney Failure with IgA NephropathyAnswer: IgA Nephropathy or Berger’s Disease usually progresses slowly, so patients have enough time to seek treatment and halt its progression. But as you said, you have with it for over 7 years. If you would like to avoid renal failure, treatment should be started as early as possible.

Considering that IgA Nephropathy is caused by IgA immune complexes depositing in the kidneys, its treatment should not only focus on symptoms and complications, for it is only stopgap measure. To control this disease well, you have to clear those IgA immune complexes away from kidneys and regulate your abnormal immune system.

In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, Toxin-Removing Treatment is often used. It is a systemic Chinese medicine treatment, which takes advantage of a number of Chinese medicine therapies such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture and oral Chinese medicine to remove massive waste products out of body, making the internal environment good for kidney self-healing and other medication application. It can also dilate blood vessels and remove stasis to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into damaged kidneys, improving renal ischemia and anoxia. Besides, it can provide the damaged kidneys with enough essential elements so as to speed up kidney recovery. After about one week’s treatment, you will see floccules in urine, which are those wastes and immune complexes being passed out. After about half month’s treatment, your high uric acid level, high BUN and high creatinine level will decrease. Symptoms such as back pain, blood urine, proteinuria, high blood pressure, weakness and so on will get relieved. After about one month’s treatment, your kidney condition will turn good gradually. With treatment going on, your immune system will be regulated as well.

How I need do to avoid kidney failure with IgA Nephropathy? Hope the above information can help you. If you are interested in our hospital and our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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