Toxin-Removing Treatment Help You Avoid IgA Nephropathy

2017-12-23 00:59

In our hospital, the main treatment for IgA Nephropathy is Toxin-Removing Treatment which is a series of Chinese medicine treatments. It can treat your disease from the root and help you avoid relapse.

Let’s see the effect of Toxin-Removing Treatment via a patient story.

Mr Liu is an IgA Nephropathy patient. He has been on this disease for three years and visited many hospitals. His condition always relapses again and again. Finally with the introduction of kidney patient, he comes to our hospital for treatment.

We first give him a full check up and he is diagnosed with focal segmental IgA Nephropathy. Our experts give him Toxin-Removing Treatment to cleanse toxins from his body and inhibit inflammatory reaction. Before our treatment, his urine protein is 3+ and occult blood is 2+. after our systematic Chinese medicine treatments, his urine protein and occult blood both turn negative. Swelling also disappears. Moreover, his appetite is improved. He leaves our hospital happily.
Toxin-Removing Treatment Help You Avoid IgA Nephropathy
Toxin-Removing Treatment Help You Avoid IgA Nephropathy

For IgA Nephropathy patients, the doctor usually suggests steroids and immunosupressant agents. They can only relieve the symptoms and restrain the immune inflammatory reaction to some extent. Symptoms like proteinuria and hematuria may disappear after a period of time. However, this prevention is temporary. It can come again. Even a cold can make the immune inflammatory reaction start again. In this condition, proteinuria and hematuria can happen again. It is because the root cause of IgA Nephropathy is not treated. The root cause is immune complexes depositing in kidneys, and the damaged kidneys and the abnormal innate immune system.

Our Toxin-Removing Treatment can remove immune complexes out of your body so as to stop inflammatory reaction. Then Chinese medicines can arrive at kidney lesion directly to repair injured kidney tissues and improve renal function gradually through dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing nutrients. In this way, symptoms like proteinuria, hematuria and swelling can disappear radically.

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