Immunotherapy and Kidney Disease

Immunotherapy and Kidney Diseasee

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is an effective treatment that take advantages of Chinese medicines and Western medicines, and it can regulate patients' immune reactions, enhance immunity, eliminate the harmful substance and restore the kidney function. Then kidney disease can be stopped effectively. Immunotherapy included six steps: Accurate diagnosis, Immune clearance, Immune blocking, Immune tolerance, Immune regulation and Immune protection.

How are immune system and kidney disease connected?

About more than 95% of kidney disease is suspected to be caused by immune system disorder, and there are mainly two ways in which the immune system can damage kidneys:

- auto-antibodies suppose the kidneys to be a "bad" organ, which attacks this organ mistakenly.

- immune complex dysfunction that forms after an infection such as strep or staph, which is picked up in the bloodstream because of the infection are then sent to the kidney.

How does immunotherapy work to treat kidney disease?

Immunotherapy is an effective treatment for kidney disease caused by immune disorder, and it includes 6 steps to remedy the kidney disease, like Immune diagnosis, Immune clearance, Immune interruption, Immune tolerance, Immune regulation, Immune protection. Below are the functions of taking each step of the Immunotherapy.

Immune diagnosis:

Immune diagnosis can help ensure the causes, regions and degrees of kidney disease, which can help make accurate diagnosis. Then doctor can make systematic and targeted treatment plan for the kidney disease patients.

Immune clearance:

Advanced methods of blood purification is used discriminatively according to personalized condition of patients in order to eliminate blood stasis of varying type and molecule, which includes wastes, toxins and other metabolite of human body, thus offering a better internal environment for follow-up processes.

Immune interruption:

In this step, it is used to block immune reaction through scientific use of immunosuppressive agent. The medicine, dose and duration will be very exact according to scientific diagnosis of immune condition.

Immune tolerance:

In order to prevent relapse of the kidney disease, we have yo assess diseased condition before further deterioration. Giving small dose of immunosuppressants regularly can prevent the relapse of disease. Because this can help let our body accept the fact that there is immune complex and the antibodies will stop attacking them temporarily.

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