Kidney Atrophy and Kidney Disease

Kidney Atrophy and Kidney Disease

What Is Kidney Atrophy?

Kidney Atrophy refers that kidney size becomes small due to any disease or non functioning of kidney.

What Causes Kidney Atrophy?

One cause of renal atrophy is renal ischemia. When the kidneys receive insufficient blood flow as well as a blockage of the urinary system or renal artery caused by a blood clot. Besides, kidney cysts can also compress the blood vessels. There are other conditions to consider as polycystic kidney disease or kidney infection.

What Are Symptoms of Kidney Atrophy?

The symptom is similar to those with a urinary tract infection. It can cause pianful urination and a need for more frequent of doing so, and even the presence of blood in urine. This may be accompanied by pain in the kidneys and a feeling of pressure.

How to Treat Kidney Atrophy?

The patient will require an individualized treatment depending on the cause and extent of progression of the disease. If the problem is from an infection, the doctor will prescribe a drug treatment. If it is a severe renal impairment, it may be necessary to dialysis. It is necessary of the diagnosis and determining the extent of the disease such as ultrasound, CT or MRI.

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