What to Do with Pain from Cyst in Kidney

2018-12-11 02:06

What to Do with Pain from Cyst in KidneyA simple kidney cyst may not cause any symptoms. However, if the cyst grows large or become infected, it may cause pain. What to do with pain from cyst in kidney? Read on to learn more information.

Quick way to relieve pain for patients with kidney cysts

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain is caused by blockage of qi and blood. When they go smoothly, pain will disappear. Based on this principle, many therapies are used to treat pain. For example, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Acupoint Application, Massage, Hot Compress, etc. After treatment, you can get an immediate relief from the pain.

Fundamental way to relieve pain for patients with kidney cysts

Since kidney cysts are the root cause of pain, if you can not remove them, the pain will raise again. In the long run, if the kidney cysts keep on growing, you should take measures to shrink them.

In western medicine, there are surgeries such as puncture to drain the big cysts, but it is possible for them to come back and cause pain again. And no matter it is minimally invasive or not, it causes some harm to your body. In Chinese medicine, the treatment is not invasive at all. Take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for an example. When you receive treatment, lie on back. With the help of osmosis devices, active ingredients of medicine can be infiltrated into your kidneys from the herbal bags under your back. This treatment can dilate blood vessels on cyst wall and speed up blood circulation so as to take fluid away from inside. It can also stop the secretion of lining cells so as to stop the production of cyst fluid. Under these two functions, renal cysts will shrink, and its related pain will be relieved.

What to do with pain from cyst in kidney? Hope the above ways can help you. But you had better talk with a physician about your detailed medical condition, who can give you specific suggestions according to your condition. If you have any questions about the above content, please leave a message below or contact our online doctor.

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