3 Kinds of Drug Abuse May Cause Kidney Failure

2018-10-24 15:51

3 Kinds of Drug Abuse May Cause Kidney FailureThe following 3 kinds of common medicine is prone to kidney injury if you do not follow the doctor’s advice. In severe case, they may cause renal failure. Therefore, be careful when you take them.

1. Painkillers

When you have toothache, stomachache, joint pain and some other slight diseases, you may not attach importance and just take some painkillers to relieve it without going to see a doctor, which may cause damage to kidneys. In severe case, it may cause uremia or even threaten life.

Studies have shown that painkillers can damage the kidneys, so they cannot be taken in large doses for long-term. But don't panic. Not everyone who takes painkillers is at risk. It is related to your physical condition, and following medical advice is the most reliable choice.

2. Vitamin C

Taking too much vitamin C for a long time can cause diarrhea, increased gastric acid and other symptoms, and excess vitamin C will be excreted in the form of oxalic acid in urine. This increases the risk of kidney stones.

3. Cephalosporin

First generation cephalosporins, such as cefaloridine and cephalothin, have high renal toxins. They may lead to renal tubular necrosis and accelerate the progression of kidney disease.

Second generation cephalosporins, such as cefazole, cefmeazole, cefuroxime, etc., have less nephrotoxicity than first generation cephalosporins.

The third and fourth generation cephalosporins basically have no nephrotoxicity, and can be applied to patients with kidney disease.

If kidney patients have to use the second generation cephalosporins, it is best to reduce the dose or extend the interval. And it is important to note the combination of second generation cephalosporins and diuretics can aggravate renal failure.

All in all, you should follow doctor’s advice to take medicine, no matter your disease is severe or not. For more information on kidney disease medication, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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