Eating Too Salt And Staying Up Late Will Lead to Renal Diseases

2017-08-02 15:33

Eating Too Salt And Staying Up Late Will Lead to Renal Diseases。

Do you know that one have kidney diseases in every 10 person. But, kidney diseases are latent and most patients can not realize timely.

Most uremia patients never havd urine test

A doctor told me setting world kidney day is because the rate of kidney diseases is high. According to the latest data, the rate of kidney disease is 10%, which means there is 1 in 10 have kidney diseases. However, public is not very familiar to kidney diseases and thus leading many kidney diseases diagnosed in end stage kidney diseases. Why? It is the latent of kidney diseases, and some complications, symptoms like headache, high blood pressure, often lead patients think that is other reason instead of kidney diseases.

In clinic, we often meet rural patients with vomiting, nausea, fatigue. It is easy to diagnose their severe renal condition. And uremia will be approved by later urine and blood test. When asking them, they said they have no urine or blood test before. What a petty. It could be found if you spend hundred or tens of money, not a not, right? But, now, you have to choose dialysis, transplant, eat medicines, control diet and lifestyle.

Eating too salt and often staying up late can cause kidney diseases.

Kidney diseases are related to lifestyle, closely. Over working, staying up too late and too often will reduce your immune system, and then, inflammation, infection and cold will lead to kidney diseases. With hold urine can also cause renal diseases, such as infection, inflammation, kidney diseases or even uremia.

Drug abuse is another cause of kidney diseases. Recent years, with the development of medical industry, more and more people can reach medicines and thus worse the drug abuse.

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