What Kind Of Diet Should Kidney Disease Patients

2017-09-06 17:26

What Kind Of Diet Should Kidney Disease Patients

Patients suffer from chronic kidney disease want to start a healthy diet to slow down their progression. What kind of diet is suggested to chronic kidney disease patients?

If you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, proper diet is suggested yes. But, different diseases have different things should avoid. Here we can only give some principles for your reference:

Keep a low sat diet. Suffering from chronic kidney disease means a chronic lost of kidney function. when you take too much salt, it can not be eliminated through kidneys and then, lead to hypertension and edema.

Avoid artificial sugar. Artificial sugar is of no use except lead you to diabetes sooner or later. And chronic kidney disease combined with diabetes often start dialysis earlier than others.

Choose high quality protein. In kidney disease, we have to limit the ingestion of protein, we have to avoid it through limiting intake among, but nutrienient need protein, so, we choose high quality protein in proper quantity.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. These kinds of food can provide vitamin and help improve immune system. We have to control the intake no less than 500g fruits and vegetables each at everyday diet.

Due to diet are various to different kidney diseases, there will list no specific food.

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