How to Manage High Blood Pressure with Daily Life Change and Medicine

2017-08-17 10:06

How to Manage High Blood Pressure with Daily Life Change and Medicine

Many people with high blood pressure are living in a life with stress. They are afraid of eating wrong thing and over eating salt and sugar. What should they do to manage high blood pressure with daily life change and medicine? Can they get rid of high blood pressure?

There is a patient in our place, once measured blood pressure was 185/120. He was shocked, and had no idea how can blood pressure sheering so high. He only felt a little tired and easy to fatigue, nothing else. But, normally reading medical papers gave him the information to avoid wrong diet and living habit. Let’s see what he had done:

First, using medicine as doctor said. He used to take medicine as doctor said, never stopped, and never changed any dosage.

Second, controlling salt ingestion. He set up a goal of never over taking salt than 3g per day. When eating with others, he used a cup of water to reduce the salt in dishes.

Third, he drink waters frequently to meet the physical need. He often drunk 500ml water at morning, and 100ml at night. Before sleeping, he intake little to avoid night urine. during taking medicine to control blood sugar, he never drunk beverages but water, no alcohol, no smoking.

Fourth, regular exercise provided him energy to fight against high blood pressure. He used to walking everyday to improve physical condition , and three times a week strenuous exercise to strengthen physical.

Then, after a year, he now was only taking one kind of medicine and blood pressure is 120/80.

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