Cure Protein Urine in Kidney Failure Stage with Natural Treatment

2017-08-19 16:46

Cure Protein Urine in Kidney Failure Stage with Natural Treatment

Protein urine will cause urine looks foamy, and will cause anemia due to leaking albumin. What can we do to cure protein in urine? Which treatment is effective and without side-effect?

Protein urine in kidney failure stage is a complication condition. It may be caused by many reasons, but the root cause is the lesion in kidneys. So, if we want to cure protein in urine, we have to find a way to reverse kidney lesion. Protein urine can be treated with both natural treatment and steroid based medicine. well, what’s the difference between these treatment?

Steroid based medicine is more effective, while easy to relapse. Steroid based medicine can help control protein urine effectively, if it is used as a short term, it is a good method because of its effects. But, if used as a long term treatment, there will be much side-effects like, fatigue, moon face, mood swing, memory problems and drug independence. So, if your condition need to cure protein urine, such as in kidney failure stage, we do not suggest this treatment, if protein urine is not severe, only need some basic treatment can be cured, it can be used.

Natural treatment is slowly effect, can not be used in the condition that need to manage protein in normal level. If you have time to manage protein in urine, we can provide you a treatment, Toxin-Removing Therapy. This treatment can help improve kidney conditions and cure protein in urine, of course edema and blood in urine. The advantage of this treatment is there is no side-effect and can cure protein urine without relapse.

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