Do Not Ignore These Indicators, They Can Help Delay Kidney Failure

2018-09-26 16:53

Do Not Ignore These Indicators, They Can Help Delay Kidney FailureTo delay kidney failure, is lowering creatinine level and reducing proteinuria enough? No, you may have missed more critical indicators.

1. To lower blood pressure

Hypertension can increase renal capillary pressure, speed up the process of glomerulosclerosis, and cause renal ischemic injury and renal fibrosis. The worse the general renal function, the higher the incidence of hypertension.

Therefore, when creatinine is high, ACEI or ARBs is indispensable.

2. To correct anemia

When kidney disease occurs, renal erythropoietin secretion will reduce, followed by anemia. Anemia can lead to reduced transport of nutrients to the kidney, accelerate the process of renal failure, and increase the burden on the heart.

Mild anemia can be treated with animal blood and lean meat. In serious case, blood-enriching drugs (such as ferrous sulfate) or blood lifting needle can be taken.

3. To be careful with high blood potassium

When creatinine level increases accompanied by hyperkalaemia, it may cause weak limbs and perioral paralysis in slight case. In severe case, it can cause cardiac arrest and sudden death.

Once blood potassium exceeds 5mmol/l, kidney patients should take potassium-lowering drugs (such as potassium-reducing resin), and low-potassium diet.

4. To reduce proteinuria

The importance of hypoalbumin is no less significant than that of creatinine, because persistent urinary protein also speeds up the process of kidney failure. Clinically, protein levels are mainly reduced by hormones, immunosuppressants and blood pressure drugs, which should be controlled within 1g/24h, preferably less than 0.5g/24h, and the side effects of the drug should be tested.

5. To stay away from metabolic acidosis

For kidney patients, when creatinine level elevates, decreased renal function is no longer sufficient to maintain ph balance in the body, resulting in metabolic acidosis. Patients need to supplement sodium bicarbonate tablets and take alkaline treatment.

6. To avoid renal bone disease

Clinically elevated creatinine can also lead to hyperphosphatemia. Long-term uncontrolled high phosphorus and low calcium can cause bone disease and even increase the risk of amputation.

In the initial stage, renal osteopathy is generally prevented by monitoring blood phosphorus, blood calcium, iPTH and other indicators. In severe cases, ossification triol can be taken.

Now you know these indicators. To pay attention to them in the daily, you can delay kidney failure. For more information on kidney failure, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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