Can Creatinine Level 7.5 in Kidney Failure Stage Patients Avoid Dialysis?

2017-09-09 11:28

Creatinine Level 7.5 in Kidney Failure Stage Avoid Dialysis
High creatinine level 7.5 is in kidney failure stage, and due to many side-effect of dialysis, there are more and more patients want to avoid it. what can we do to avoid dialysis in kidney failure stage?

If creatinine level sheering into 7.5, it means already in kidney failure stage. Dialysis is widely used in kidney failure stage to help patient eliminate toxins in blood and avoid further damage from metabolism. But dialysis itself has side effects. It will cause kidney shrink, mood swing, memory problems, and other complications. so, more and more patients want to avoid dialysis and reduce the frequency of dialysis.

There is a natural treatment can avoid dialysis and if your condition is severe, it can help reduce the frequency of dialysis and avoid further damage. There was a kidney failure patient from India, let’s see their communication with our doctors:

Patient: Hello, I am a kidney failure patient from India. Can you tell me how do you reduce my high creatinine?

Doctors: High creatinine level is caused by the kidney damage, and we are here helping patients reduce creatinine level from the root cause, that is to say, from repairing kidney damage and improving renal function. In that case, dialysis can be effectively avoid.

Do you want avoid dialysis? the only way to avoid dialysis is to save your own kidneys. We use a series of Chinese therapies to help patients repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. We use Chinese medicine treatment to help you repair kidney damage and restore certain kidney function, so that you can stop dialysis.

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